IT Development Specialists


Bringing your Dreams to Real-IT

AI Art

Utilities to get art from text

Example Use


Creation, collections and new Utility


Web 2.5

Merging the worlds of old and new web; AI and Crypto meets REST, JSON and standard HTML

WordPress Plugins

New ways for you to get and illustrate content

Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySQL, PHP

Anything LAMP, we’ll sort it for you!

Debugging a specialilty.

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Python, React, Solidity, Javascript

Just an example of other languages we work with,

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AWS, Nvidia GPU

Virtual hardware utilised extensively.

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Who is CallyCode?

Depending on the project CallyCode has built a network from solo specialists to meet your exacting needs to full teams able to meet the demands of a large project.

Andrew  Hancock


Founded Callycode in 2014 from humble origins in a tiny studio in Caledonian Road.
A Full Stack LAMP Specialist, Andy still has main technical oversight of all projects.

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